Cosmetics and Personal Care Products, Thailand – Cosmetic Manufacturer

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Cosmetics and Personal Care Products, Thailand – Cosmetic Manufacturer

Thailand is a paradise for spa, beauty treatments, and exotic locations. It’s a place where women look their best and people from all over the world fly there to feel the charm of this enchanting place. Thailand is famous for its cosmetic manufacturing industry as most of the ingredients used are completely organic which are acquired from all over the world.

Industry involving cosmetic manufacturing in Thailand is making a breakthrough by producing the best anti-aging facial and eye treatment products, make-up and color cosmetics, innovative beauty and wellness products, men’s grooming, hair restoration and treatment, baby and child-specific products, whitening facial and body skin-care products and premium sunscreens.

The cosmetic market in Thailand has a strong hold over the population both male and female not only locally but globally.

Some of the most popular cosmetic manufacturing companies in Thailand have been listed below-


It’s one of the most experienced cosmetic companies which has aimed to deliver the best products to its customers all over the world. This company supplies cosmetic products in bulk and maintain Global Cosmetic Industry standards.

  • Praileela Bath and Body

You can get the best beauty products prepared with specialized Thai herbal formula and flower scent extracts. Main products are hair shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, soaps, body lotions, and scrubs.

  • Thann Oryza Co. Ltd

All skin care products have natural ingredients which include aromatherapy products for face, lips, body, hair, and scalp.

  • Tropicana Oil Company Ltd.

100% cold pressed coconut oil is their specialty. Apart from that, a plethora of coconut oil based products are produced like suntan lotions, toners, shower gels, day and night cream, body lotion, foot cream, soaps and lip balm.

  • Chi Cha Na Natural

Products are produced with most leading herbal formulae and have 100% organic ingredients.

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